Friday, June 9, 2017

Arco Isis Sanctuary Website Launch! A Star is Born Full Moon in Sagittarius/ 10 B'atz

Hello Everyone!  Happy Full Moon and 10 B'atz on the Mayan T'zolkin calendar!  Today represents the manifestation of Creativity, of Art, of Playfulness and Expression!  And, fittingly, I would like to show you guys the Official Website for Arco Isis Sanctuary, viewable here:
Click Here to Visit the Official Arco Isis Sanctuary Website!

Watching this website complete itself  felt as though something was guiding me along the process.  Certain photos just wouldn't seem to upload, while others quickly popped into place. Some of the page layouts happened by accident, and I liked them better than before!  The whole website was completed start to finish in 3 days!

Looking at the photos gave me a lot of WOW as to a recap of all the transformations and experiences that happened this year, in such a short time!

Our Website is up, and we are ordering stickers to pass out at The Rainbow Family Gathering in Oregon, as well as the Oregon Country Fair, Beloved Festival, and Oregon Eclipse Gathering!  There will be stickers hiding on Rainbow Cloud Bottles and at our booth at the Proctor Farmer's Market! Our sticker design was beautifully painted by a local Guatemalan guy named Miguel.  He is awesome!  Our stickers are a way of spreading beauty into the world while simultaneously informing everyone about our Project down here in San Marcos la Laguna, Lake Atitlan!

We are currently raising funds to build our Center here, and 20% of all funds we raise will go to support non profit programs supporting the locals down here.  With your help, and my coffee :) we have so far raised nearly $1300 dollars to help us build!  With that we have donated time, materials and money to Fincas Buenas LLC, who have since built a wheelchair access ramp for a disabled person, helped rebuild and paint somebody's house, and have plans to build a skate ramp for the youth center here in San Marcos! A little goes a long way here to make someone's life better, or give some one an opportunity they otherwise would not have.

We also have a list of upcoming retreats and workshops we are hosting next year beginning in December!  There are a ton of ways to support us, and that includes coming down to Guatemala! :D

It is truly the greatest gift in this world to be in a position that I am, of privilege to create something like this, of privilege to give and make contributions to people here, some who have never had the opportunity for proper nutrition or to have a decent roof over their head!  Thank you so much to everyone who has been supportive, who has liked us on Facebook, who has talked about us, and who has donated to our cause!  Thank you to everyone who has bought a bottle of Rainbow Cloud Kombucha!  You have all given me this amazing opportunity!

-Matthew G. Eklund

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Arco Isis Sanctuary updates and NEW SWEATSHIRTS!

Hey everyone!  I have been wrapping up the last of my projects down here in Guatemala, ready to return to the US in June and have an awesome summer in the Northwest!  I am making a priority to have FUN this summer, and have some sweet festivals, camping trips, and unknown spontaneous adventures to emerge!

The last week I just finished all the legal stuff for the land, the last purchases, water use title, registration, and we are almost finished with the fence!  It has been a challenging two months!  I am excited that all the legal stuff is all done, and for my last month here we are going to plant as many fruiting trees- lime, lemon, orange, peach, apricot, avocado, banana- and vine plants- passionfruit, kiwi, raspberry, marionberry- basically anything we can get our hands on to establish during the rainy season!  It feels really good to move into the more exciting aspects of this project, the ones where we can let our creativity soar and truly make this a masterpiece!

So far, we have raised about $1000 for the land project, and as promised we have donated 20% of that to Fincas Buenas, a local non profit owned by my friend and neighbor Jay Jackson, an awesome guy from Texas who served in the Marines and now devotes his time to serving the people down here!  It was an amazing experience catching up with Jay as he and his crew built an access wheelchair ramp for a kid with disabilities to get to school with less labor for his parents!  We look forward to donating more to Fincas Buenas, and other non profits that help support the local indigenous community here in San Marcos.

It's here I will announce that we are selling sweatshirts in hopes of raising money, and providing you with some sweet gear for our upcoming land projects.  You can check them out here! Arco Isis Fundraising Sweatshirts!  There are 13 days left to buy one of our sweet sweatshirts!  Our goal is to raise money through a variety of means this year to build the temple retreat center infrastructure- mainly the kitchen, garden spaces, Temple, and various Casitas for people to stay in :)  Welcome to Arco Isis Sanctuary :)

"Arco Isis" has a play on the words "Arco Iris," the Spanish translation for "Rainbow," as well as the reference to the Egyptian Goddess Isis, Goddess of rebirth, fertility and protection.  I have received visions of the symbol of Isis twice now, once during a medicine ceremony last year at the Lake, and again two days ago at a Mayan Water Ceremony.  She revealed to me a white ankh with wings, symbolizing fertility, rebirth, and protection.  It is in this theme that we are building our sanctuary retreat center, the future home of transformational retreats, a permaculture reserve, and a quiet getaway from the buzz of San Marcos. :)

Over the next month, there will be various ways to support our cause!  The most direct way to donate is via paypal to  For a $100 donation, you can get a prize of a case of Rainbow Cloud Kombucha (6 jugs)! Also, for a $2500 donation we are offering ALL INCLUSIVE airfare included 10 day trips to Guatemala, including our 7 day retreat, featuring Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Reiki, Sauna, and so much Love!- Joy of Transformation III, beginning winter/spring of 2018, along with hikes, tours and special ceremonies on the Arco Isis Sanctuary land itself!  Dates will be announced soon!

Our first Joy of Transformation retreat happened this year in March, was completely sold out, and was such an amazing experience!  Come be a part of our project in any way that you like!  Also, 20% of all proceeds will go to local non profits here in Guatemala! :)

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey!  From Rainbow Cloud Kombucha to Arco Isis Sanctuary, thank you for everyone who has bought a bottle of kombucha, or attended one of our yoga retreats, or donated to our project!  YOU have made this dream a reality!!! :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Arco Isis Sanctuary and The Joy of Transformation

Hello everyone!  I have so much amazing news to share with you all!  I have been living in the Lake Atitlan energy vortex in Guatemala since January, and have found myself in a thriving community amidst the majestic lake and volcanoes, spiritually minded and open in all directions, transformations and manifestations abound.  The frequency is high here, and the fabric of space time more elastic, with synchronistic serendipities at every corner and curve.  To be able to express fully what the last 2 months have been here for me could be an entire book on it's own.

I have found myself in the sharing role of yoga, breathwork, sound healing and plant medicine practices I have accumulated over the years.  It seems that nearly everyone down here has some background in various spiritual and healing arts, worldwide and even galactic in scope, and workshops, retreats and trainings are abundant.  This is what captivated me about San Marcos the first time I came here, and this year, I had the unique opportunity to co-host my first week long retreat, appropriately named the Joy of Transformation.

Together with co-host Nick Bauer, we created, organized and participated in the Joy of Transformation, a 7 day retreat featuring Yoga, Reiki I and II, Sonic Saunas, Ecstatic Dance, and Plant Medicine ceremonies up at the Golden Temple high above San Marcos.  We planned the week's activities based on the most auspicious days of the Mayan T'zolkin calendar, and everything seemed to line up perfectly with the energies we were hoping to cultivate.  The retreat reached a maximum group of 15 amazing human beings, and the week proved to be transformational, for all of us, on many dimensions and levels.

The Golden Temple, though arguably one of the most beautiful views in all of San Marcos, proved to be challenging for logistics during the week.  The temple is perched high on a mountain, roughly 35 minutes of steep hiking away from the village, and has very little water access.  To our surprise we ran out of drinking water on the 2nd day of the retreat, and I found myself in the role of being the one responsible for solutions to various logistical activities, while also sharing practices throughout the day, and simultaneously photographing the event :)  After two days of being tested and overcoming various logistical problems, the rhythm established from Wednesday on, and I was able to drop in and have fun in the nightly saunas, daily sunrise yoga practices, amazing song and dance circles, and the delicious food that nourished us!

In addition to all our offerings, we had truthfulness "Satya" ceremonies, where we had a chance to speak all the things we had been holding inside, maybe for our whole lives, and also to integrate the powerful upgrades and transformations we all were experiencing.  There were cuddle puddles and snuggle sessions, and our medicine ceremony on 4 Jaguar proved to become a giant amorphous blob of love :)  It was truly nourishing to be held in a space with so many beautiful, activated, loving and accepting individuals :)

On 1 Chuen (monkey), our chef Michael Verner who had been cooking for us from the El Taller bistro all week came up and performed a surprise DJ set at sunset, and still managed to cook us the most delicious crepes in the world afterwards!  All week Michael and his team at the El Taller bistro kept us nourished with delicious breakfast, lunch and dinners, which helped sustain and ground in the powerful energy we were cultivating!

I learned an unimaginable amount of information in the process of this first retreat.  It is such a unique experience to be facilitating a group, being responsible for the nuts and bolts of the operation, holding sacred space and caring for everyone's needs, and dropping in and having a transformational experience myself!  On 1 Monkey, I managed to erupt a volcanic fountain of emotion, some grief I had been holding in my solar plexus.  I cried in my friend's arms for some time, and in the space after felt a sacred lightness, a cleansing release, and proceeded to move full power into the rest of my life!  Oh the Joy of Transformation!

I took the last 2 weeks for solitude, rest and integration- So important!  Now that I feel ready to emerge once again from my cocoon, well rested and ready for the next phase, I have another announcement to make: We have acquired land!

Enter Arco Isis Sanctuary.  Synchronicity and being open to the flow has allowed this precious hillside land to manifest in effortless order, a grove of coffee, avocado and mango perched above the San Marcos valley.  This land is where we will be building a home, a transformational retreat center, and an organization to help improve the local community by funding various projects from education and better housing, to access to clean drinking water.

"Arco Isis" has a play on the words "Arco Iris," the Spanish translation for "Rainbow," as well as the reference to the Egyptian Goddess Isis, Goddess of rebirth, fertility and protection.  I have received visions of the symbol of Isis twice now, once during a medicine ceremony last year at the Lake, and again two days ago at a Mayan Water Ceremony.  She revealed to me a white ankh with wings, symbolizing fertility, rebirth, and protection.  It is in this theme that we are building our sanctuary retreat center, the future home of transformational retreats, a permaculture reserve, and a quiet getaway from the buzz of San Marcos. :)

We have cultivated a logo to represent the sanctuary: a bird with the head of a hummingbird, representing action and pollination, the body of a phoenix, representing rebirth and transformation, and the tail of a Quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala. The bird's wings are spread heart wide open in front of the Seed of Life, representative of the 7 days of creation, of sacred geometry, and the order in which the universe expresses itself.

Our first rebirth begins with the land, nearly 3 acres of coffee and fruit trees.  Up until last year, the soil was heavily fertilized for nearly 20 years for the coffee and avocado trees, which there are still remnants in the soil.  We are now undergoing the process of transitioning to an organic grade landscape, bringing health and fertility back to this land, and saving Lake Atitlan the fertilizer runoff that would be coming from the soils of this former coffee plantation.  Within a matter of time the landscape will be a home to a diverse culture of flowering plants and fruiting trees, as well as a home for bee hives, a series of temples, cabins and tent spaces.  We are intending for a sacred sanctuary to host events, trainings and retreats, and co-create the vibration of Peace and Love!

This summer we will begin crowdfunding for our Sanctuary center and community improvement projects.  We hope to offer a boost to the local indigenous population, who we share this land with.  Many people here in Guatemala are struggling to make a living on often less than $10 a day, and many are without work opportunities.  Families are living in impoverished living conditions, and opportunities for the young in terms of education and advancement have been limited.  We hope to bring our transformative energy and abundance to help this community thrive, so we can all thrive here in this magical Lake Atitlan community.

For crowdfunding donations we will be offering perks and prizes ranging from Rainbow Cloud Kombucha and Cacao ceremonies, all the way up to all inclusive trips for a week long transformational retreats in Guatemala!  More news to come!  Thank you to everyone who has shared this journey, who continues to live for love and peace and unity!

-Matthew Gordon Eklund

Monday, December 12, 2016

2016 Unimorphosis: Beyond Meta

Greetings everyone! I am writing from the tip of the Baja California peninsula, in a tranquil desert oasis. The silence is profound and the only sounds are the gentle winds brushing amidst the palm trees, and the ocean waves far off in the distance. Waves of Monarch butterflies are making their way south for the winter, amid tall cacti and flowering bushes. It is here my friends, that I have made my own transformative journey, and will spread my wings and fly into the future of life's greatest potential.

2016 was a year of transformation. Rainbow Cloud Kombucha saw it's biggest year ever, more than doubling in sales for the fourth straight year in a row. Not only that, we won the title for "Best Kombucha in the Northwest," against many of the top national kombucha giants, many of whom never heard of the little Rainbow Cloud. This brought an amazing sense of fruition to my heart, and I again thank our entire team who put their love and passion into our brew this year- especially our general manager, Leland Harmell.  Leland has taken over the oversight of the brew, and has completely transformed our company, from my hippy dream creation to a fully legitimate infrastructure that has enabled us to not only serve a greater audience, but has created a gold star of quality standards to make sure our kombucha has tasted the same as it did in 2012, when we began in a little corner of Olympic Mountain Ice Cream's Skokomish Valley kitchen.  Big love to our team and all of our customers who have supported us and watched us grow over the years!


Aside from Rainbow Cloud's success, I have experienced one of the most emotionally devastating years of my life. While I won't go into too much detail of what happened, I will say that the greater part of 2016 has involved deep loss, the process of grieving, of feeling, letting go, and slowly putting the pieces of myself back together.  The process brought up a well of contemplation inside of me, namely the deep existential questions; Who am I? What am I here for? What is my soul's true purpose? I decided to make some major changes; separate what's true and real from what's false, eliminating unnecessary behavior, purging material possessions, sinking deep into creative expression, and rediscovering a passion for the practice which has saved me again and again, on all levels of healing: Yoga.

Feeling the call of my heart, a deep need to return to the source of All That Is and listen to the call of my life's True Purpose, I gave away and sold 90% of my personal belongings, took a sabbatical from Rainbow Cloud Kombucha, and returned to the Yandara Yoga community in Todos Santos, Baja California.  For the last few months i've walked barefoot, sleeping in a tent by the ocean, immersed in the practices of Yoga, immersed in Nature, the Sun, the Moon, the Galaxy of stars above, the elements, and the quiet symphony of the desert and it's inhabitants.  We have laughed, cried, expanded beyond ourselves, and emerged from this pure chrysalis, spreading our wings in wholeness and stepping into who we truly are: sharers of the Present Moment, of Simplicity, of Community, of Authenticity- of Joy!

Over the last 2 months I have experienced a Metamorphosis of profound measure; more accurately, a Unimorphosis: a Becoming into Oneness.  Metamorphosis translates into "Becoming more than oneself." I have found myself on a journey of Un-Becoming, peeling away into the Center, the Stillness.  The Essence.  A process of Realization, of why I am here, and who I can be to better serve humanity.  Of listening to my own inner wisdom, and becoming quiet enough to hear the whispers of that Source.


I Stand in My Center of Joy! I Trust this Joy and I Know what feels Good! 

And so, in the Here and Now, I am stepping forward, in Joy and in Presence, to share with the world the Joy we all already have! My goal in this life is to laugh again and again into Unity Consciousness, and help us all discover the treasures of Joy within! It is so simple! It is ALMOST unfair!!! What we seek is inside of us! May I be the spark that lights your flame! :)


I will be offering my services as a Yoga Alliance 500 teacher, certified Life Coach, Laughter Yoga Instructor, and Alchemist of Music, Dance and Song. My desire is to share my mosaic of life experiences to help you connect with your own inner Joy, and offer an invitation of infinite creative potential and the realization of the life of your dreams! 

Look out soon for my personal website featuring life coaching services, yoga and private classes, including mixed modalities of stress reduction techniques designed to bring you into a state of inner harmony, allowing the body, mind and soul to relax into your natural state of ease.  From this inner state of stillness we have access to the fountain of Joy, a wellspring and key ingredient in manifesting our deepest desires and highest goals.  The paradox is, that once we find Joy in the Here and Now, there comes the Realization that there is actually Nothing to Attain, Nothing to strive for, and that we have everything we needed all along. And when this state is realized, the universe responds to our vibration, and we are granted Everything.  Deep Gratitude!  Thank you for sharing this journey with me!

Matthew G. Eklund

Founder- Rainbow Cloud Kombucha

A day will dawn when you will laugh at all your past efforts. That which will be the day you laugh is also Here and Now. - Ramana Maharshi

May all beings be Free and Happy!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Travels to the Mystical Lake Atitlan, Guatemala- Healing, Feeling, and Flowing!

Hello Everyone! I have been on quite a journey in the past few months!  I spent nearly 2 months with my partner Erika in the volcanic cradle of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala!  This lake rests high up in the highlands of Southwestern Guatemala, completely surrounded by three volcanoes!  What I experienced there was one of the most potent energy centers in all of my worldly travels!  Resting in the small village of San Marcos on the north shore of the lake is a high vibrational bubble of spiritual community, an oasis of conscious, cosmic humans living, singing, teaching and sharing with each other nearly every wisdom tradition of the world!  Hippies, yogis, mystics, and travelers from all over the globe converge in San Marcos for a celebration of life, a place to learn, grow, and expand, and a journey away from the massive illusions of mainstream society.  San Marcos is a "Universe-city"- a city in which people come to learn about themselves and the universe.

*Below is a photo from the Golden Kundalini Temple, resting high above the village of San Marcos, with our Rainbow Cloud Kombucha jugs present! :) Visit for the full photo shoot on our home page!

The power of this lake is something tangibly felt; the locals say when people come into the presence of Lake Atitlan, they are faced with their fears, their shadows, and their greatest opportunities to heal old wounds.   It is a container of great alchemy and healing!  Many people say the lake offers a clear ultimatum for newcomers: face your darkness and rise to a higher frequency or be chewed up and spit out!  I can attest, the energy here is that powerful!  After the shadows are cleared, the lake allows powerful ascensions into deep meditation, abundant creativity, manifestation and unity consciousness! Over the two months, I experienced such a transformation in myself, most of which was quite uncomfortable to face, ultimately leading to a more integrated, more light, more whole Me.

We began the journey with a Geometric Configuration workshop taught by our friend Bee Inspiral.  She has created a method of incorporating contemporary dance with sacred geometry forms and intentional movement, and channeling light language to create a master prayer through a merging of movement, voice, and intuition.  It was a great way to integrate into the energy of the land.  Bee's website is She does dance workshops and retreats in the USA during festival season!  I highly recommend checking her out if you love to dance!

One thing about San Marcos that struck me was the amount of self actualized people sharing their gifts with the community: Nearly every message board in the village is covered with homemade posters advertising retreats, classes, and workshops, ranging from meditation, silent retreats, every type of yoga, thai massage, reiki and other healing/energy arts, shamanic ceremonies, as well as community song and drum circles, gong baths, crystal healings and more!  It was an interactive metaphysical library at our daily reach!

One of the most profound experiences I had during my time at the lake was the experience of the Cacao Ceremony!  Cacao is the origin plant of cocoa, and was used ceremonially during the times of the Mayan empire.  After the fall of the Mayan empire by the Spanish, chocolate made it's way back to Europe and the Americas and ceremonial cacao faded into tiny remote villages in the rainforest.  Cacao and it's power as a plant medicine has recently seen a revival in the last 10 years, owing much of the sharing of lost knowledge to Keith the Chocolate Shaman, who lives in San Marcos, and holds weekly ceremonies, therapy sessions, and works as a psychic channel and spirit guide.  My first ceremony was held by one of his students, Lea Thorning, AKA Miss GreenDream high up in the hills at the Golden Kundalini Temple during a retreat.  We all drank a very thick, quite bitter ceremonial dose and waited for the effects as we sat in silence.  Lea sang beautiful songs of healing, viewable below! :)

I left the ceremony that night, feeling a buzz unlike I'd felt before.  Upon getting into bed, I realized how high I was, and sat up in meditation posture.  I ended up sitting quietly in one of the most profound meditation experiences of my entire life!  My mind felt completely quiet, centered, still, and my body warm and tingly.  I sat nearly two hours, and finally went to sleep.  I awoke the next morning, feeling a heaviness if my heart, felt a dam of emotions ready to break, and opened to a flood of tears!  I realized an inner child of mine was still hurting and needed love, and my tears soon turned to immense joy!  What a release I was experiencing! I felt a rock in my gut dissolve into warmth and an energy rise to my heart, permeating my whole being with Love.  I released tears for nearly an hour, and began to feel incredibly light and whole!  It was as if I had been immersed in a river of Grace.  I felt immense gratitude for this connection with Source and today I feel more integrated within myself than I have in my entire life!  I've been sold on Cacao as a plant medicine ever since!  We ended up having ceremonies with the Chocolate Shaman himself, and came home with 50 lbs. of his ceremonial grade Cacao, with the intention of sharing this medicine with our community here in Tacoma and Olympia! Stay tuned for more news regarding Cacao ceremonies!  It is a wonderful medicine and experience to open the heart; it is profound and it is gentle, and as Keith says "Brings you to the Door, but doesn't push you through."

I left San Marcos with love in my heart, and immense gratitude for the experiences I shared with so many amazing activated people.  Little to say, I experienced a unique type of culture shock upon arrival back into the USA.  After passing 3 strip malls I began to feel a bit out of place!  San Marcos is a perfect microcosm of the potential of human consciousness to expand and to live in harmony with the Earth and with each other.  I only hope to share my healing experiences with this world, and do my part to make my dreams of a brighter future, a more connected culture, and the healing of mankind and planet a reality!  I believe that Rainbow Cloud Kombucha is a huge step in that direction!  Thank you all for listening to my story and feeling the essence of the things I've felt!  I can't wait to share Cacao ceremonies in the area, coupled with Songs, Yoga, Dance and Community!

-Matthew G. Eklund

Rainbow Cloud Kombucha

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Kombucha, Creativity, Love, and Life!

Hello everyone! It is a beautiful sunny day here in Olympia, WA, and I have just returned from a bike ride to Tumwater Falls and back!  The energy of the raging river and 7+ waterfalls amongst the valley trail is amazing and captivating!  It was an awesome day to crawl out onto the warm rocks and reflect on life.  Everything is going really good right now!  I feel as though the beginning of the year brought a huge shift into my life, in business, in my relationship, inspiration, psychological breakthroughs, and other opportunities for growth and expansion!

First, I want to break news on the recent happenings for Rainbow Cloud Kombucha!  The first of two biggest announcements is the creation of our official website.  I had fun learning web design with templates, and am really pleased with the results!  Visit the locations page on our site to check out our new locations in Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, and Portland!

The other main announcement I am proud to announce with Rainbow Cloud is the launch of our 16oz swing top bottles! We have sent our labels in to print with out of Seattle, and our small bottles will be arriving in stores by March 1st, or maybe sooner! :)  Here's a sneak peek of a paper prototype! Our bottles will be available at most of our existing locations, in addition to many new locations who were unable to take our 64oz growlers on due to the size of the bottles!  NOTE:  It will still be cheaper to buy our kombucha in jugs and on tap, and we want it this way to promote sustainability and minimal waste!  That said, there will be a $1.50 deposit on our 16oz bottles, and we will reuse all of them as well!

Kombucha aside, I am having major breakthroughs in the musical field!  I just finally set up recording capabilities, and am now recording improvised jams on my keyboards and synthesizers!  Check out my soundcloud site for some jams!  They aren't super polished or anything, but it's fun nontheless!  I've been playing music for over 7 years and this is the first time I've been able to record anything!!  My jams are viewable here!

Sound has always been a major influence in my life!  I have always loved music, and realize that our entire universe is made up of sound, or vibration, and different frequencies!  We refer to people's "vibes," or the "vibes" of a room, or a party, or a waterfall!  Man I love Tumwater Falls!  That place has amazing vibrations!  I've realized that with music I can alter my vibration, and create a sonic shield around me to keep the negativity at bay!   Music has the power to unify people, and literally heal our bodies, minds, and spirits!  Especially through Singing and Dance!

What I really wanted to share this time is my experiences over the last 6 months with my partner and lover, Erika Charbeneau!  Erika and I met at the Okanogan Family Barterfaire over a year ago at sunrise on sunday morning atop of the hillside looking out over the festival.  Before we knew it, we were back to back on a rock, singing to each other in spanish, and I remember the beauty of that moment; an instant connection, perhaps divine, definitely cosmic!  Here is a photo of us together the morning we met!

Erika is one in a million: she has travelled the world freely over the last 6 years, living in Thailand, Guatemala, Europe, and more!  What I most admire about her is the size of her heart, her capacity for unconditional love, and her desire and ability to connect with everyone she meets!  She is a true compassionate being, and has taught me so much!  We have both been super independent people over the course of our young lives, and it has been a new experience for both of us to enter into a relationship!  What had me, besides her beautiful smile and the love I feel inside of myself when I'm around her, was her willingness to do "The Work" of Self Inquiry and use our relationship as a means for inner transformation and healing!  This has not been easy all the time, but has led to massive breakthroughs within myself as I observe myself with a willingness to be open, vulnerable, transparent, and willing to communicate no matter what!

Erika and I are similar in many ways, and in many ways we are the complete opposite!  We are truly yin and yang; I tend to do things fast and punctual, she tends to forget about time.  She loves to connect with everyone she meets, and I tend to be more introverted, and at times shy.  In living together amidst polar oppositions, we have found incalculable opportunities for growth, conflict and resolution, and passionate love.  She has recently gone to Guatemala to become a yoga teacher, and in her absence I have had time to reflect and see just how much she has influenced my habits and ways of being in such a short time!  I am looking forward to joining her down in Lake Atitlan, a magical lake surrounded by volcanoes, for a break away from the daily routine, rejuvenation, love, and inner reconnection!

I am so grateful for everyone in my life, and all the experiences I have had over this short time on Planet Earth!  It is not always pleasurable!  I deal with intermittent physical pain (right now in my neck), psychological challenges, ups and downs!  I've learned gratitude for all these experiences, and especially the peaks!  Understanding that there can be no high's without low points, and especially the nature of constant change and impermanence.  We are here for only such a short time in this incarnation, why not live it ALL?  We may be infinite beings trapped in these Earthly bodies, we may have billions upon billions of lifetimes to live, as taught in Eastern philosophy, and yet, we are Here Now in this time, and this life feels so precious!  It feels fleeting, and special!  Knowing we could leave this place at any moment, has allowed me to appreciate the pleasures and highs, pain and suffering, that is a fact of life!  I would definitely come to Earth again to Laugh and Cry and Live and Die! :)  Thank you for sharing this experience with me!  Infinite blessings!!!

-Matthew G. Eklund

Rainbow Cloud Kombucha